the boat people
the boat people
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Jared Nabil Elouahabi
Nabil is a regular in Michael Winterbottom's films, and gave an acclaimed performance as Yusuf in ‘In This World’ (2002). He is a household name in the UK through his 3 years as Tariq in ‘Eastenders’. He recently completed an ABC drama starring opposite Harvey Keitel, and is currently filming an HBO mini-series in South Africa.
Alice Raquel Cassidy
One of the most talented young UK screen actresses, Raquel has played lead roles in high profile TV series such as ‘Teachers’, ‘Red Cap’ and ‘Lead Baloon’. She also co-starred in the recent UK cinema hit ‘Festival’.
Merrick Russell Mabey
Cleo Maimie McCoy
Sian Clara Onyemere
DanTim Plester
Chris Simon Land
Dad Alan Westaway
Young Alice Laura Hone
Young Cleo Amber Silk